Membership Requirements:

* Local, State, & Federal members of law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia, who are by law given the power to make legal arrest.

* Applicants cannot have reached forty-seven (47) years of age by the time of acceptance by the Board of Directors.

* Applicants must be in good health at the time of application.

Click here for a printable membership application.


Applicant MUST submit a $4.00 Assessment Fee with a completed application and $10.00 for the first year’s dues for a total of $14.00.

The annual dues are $10.00 per year

Upon the death of each member, an Assessment fee of $4.00 SHALL be made against each member of the Association.


A $3,500.00 Death Benefit provided to the beneficiary of the deceased member.

The Police Association of Virginia holds a quarterly meeting in the Hampton Roads area (January, April, July, and October). The business meetings are followed by a reception and luncheon. This is provided FREE of charge to all members. In addition to the quarterly meetings, the Police Association of Virginia also sponsors an annual dinner dance FREE to all members (Formally known as Ladies Night). Members are given a discounted rate for hotel rooms for those who wish to make it a weekend event.

The Police Association of Virginia provides scholarships to our members family.

The Police Association of Virginia also provides body armor to those law enforcement agencies throughout the Commonwealth who are unable to afford them.

For every new member you sponsor you will receive one credit towards a death assessment fee.

The Police Association of Virginia is a 501C(3) tax deductable Charitable organization.


An Associate Membership is open to any interested party aged 21 or older, regardless of Law Enforcement status.

Click here to download an Associate Membership Application.